Stress relief and Rejuvenate

Release your body from the stresses of urban life with our best spa packages Toronto, starting with a hot stone massage. Followed by a relaxing facial. Then step into a signature Manicure and Pedicure with warm paraffin to complete your peace of mind.
4 hours $310.00


Begin with massage, then enjoy a custom facial to your skin type. Next have a classic manicure and pedicure to complete your head to toe experience.
3 hours 35 minutes $270.00


Treat yourself to serenity special with a detoxifying body wrap and a custom facial. Then finish off with a soothing pedicure.
3 hours $250.00


Melt away with a body scrup, then hydrate with a honey coconut milk body wrap. While cocooned enjoy a scalp massage that will leave you feeling serene.
2 hours 15 minutes $175.00

Just because

For everyone and anyone who needs to unwind. A 30 minutes Aromatherapy massage with a manicure and pedicure ending with a serenity sweet treat.
2 hours 30 minutes $150.00

Jet lag Revival

Soothe and energize after a long haul travel with a leg revival treatment. Then a pedicure and paraffin for the sole. This will relax you into untroubled sleep, leaving the mind clear to enjoy the day ahead.
2 hours $130.00